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The rules of the game

TicTacToe is a fairly simple game, where the goal is to get three pawns in a row before your opponent does on a board that consists of three rows of three squares each. Your pawns will be depicted with crosses, and my pawns will be depicted with circles. By simply clicking on the square you want to place your pawn, you make your move. Then I will make mine and the result of both moves will be displayed. As long as nobody won and the board isn't full yet you will be able to make another move.

A few notes from the author

It is quite easy to write an algorithm which is unbeatable, but I haven't done that, because the fun would be gone if I did. Therefore I implemented a reasonably smart algorithm, but included some stupidities in it. Whenever it reaches a decision about which move is best, luck comes into the picture. When the programme is lucky, this particular move will be made, but when the programme is out of luck, it will not make this move and it will be forced to do something else. Because of this, the programme does something stupid now and then, allowing you to be the smart guy and beat the programme.


Please report bugs.

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