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Software I wrote

This is a list of the publicly available software I wrote or helped write.

On-line feasibility analysis
This software was developed, together with Pierre Jansen, in order to visualise the feasibility analysis algorithms for real-time systems we developed in our group. We provide an on-line version so people can try out our algorithms for themselves.
On-line games
In 1995 I wrote three games which were to be played on-line. I rewrote them using PHP to learn a bit more about that programming language, and you can try them here.
I wrote this software because I wanted to start Linux from the Windows NT bootmenu.
I developed this software during the course of my graduation, as a variant of Ismael Ripoll's Crono software. In particular, I used his input file format, which I extended a bit. Currently I do some development on it now and then, more specifically when I need it again and find some bugs during use.

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